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Ibuprofen Vs Motrin

Related post: LIFE HISTORY OF AN ANGIOSPERM 55 the exit door for the hypocotyl of the embryo after the fertilized and ripened ovule 800 Mg Motrin becomes a seed. Motrin Or Tylenol Within the nucellus, if the sec- tions examined have been properly fixed, will be found a megaspore or embryo sac. Development of the Female Gametophyte Through the Matura- tion of the Embryo Sac. In its immature condition the embryo sac (megaspore) contains a mass of protoplasm surrounding a nucleus. This nucleus undergoes three divisions forming as a result eight nuclei which ultimately arrange themselves within the protoplasm of the embryo sac as follows: three of them occupy a position at the apex, the lower nucleus of the group being that of the egg or ovum, the other two nuclei being the synergids or assisting nuclei; at the oppo- site end of the sac three nuclei known as antipodals take their posi- tion; the two remaining nuclei called polar nuclei take Motrin Ib up a position Ib Motrin near the center of the embryo sac. In this condition the contents of the embryo sac constitutes the female gametophyte. See Fig. 28 (1-8). MATURATION OF THE POLLEN GRAIN AND FORMATION OF THE MALE GAMETOPHYTE The pollen grains (microspores), within the anther sacs, all arise from a number of tetrads (groups of four) which are formed by the division and redi vision of pollen mother-cells preceeding them. Each pollen grain, after the tetrads have separated into their components, consists of an outer firm wall or exosporium, an inner wall or endo- sporium, within which will be found the. region called Tylenol And Motrin the fovilla, which is nothing other than a mass of protoplasm containing a nucleus. Before the pollen is shed from the anther its protoplasmic contents undergo a series of changes leading up to the development of the male gametophyte. The nucleus and protoplasm enveloping it divides to form two cells, one a generative-cell containing a genera- tive nucleus, the other a tube-cell containing a tube nucleus. The generative nucleus then divides to form two Motrin And Tylenol sperm nuclei and the partition wall between the two cells disappears. In this condition the protoplasmic contents of the pollen grain constitute the male gametophyte. 56 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY POLLINATION AND FERTILIZATION The mature pollen grains are discharged from the ripened anther through the splitting open of its wall. They are transferred to the stigma of the pistil of another Erythronium flower through the agency of insects. Here they germinate, each putting forth a tube FIG. 28. At the left, diagram of the anatomy of an angiospermous flower shortly after pollination; anth., anther; fil., filament; St., 800 Motrin stamen; stig., stigma; p.g., pollen grains germinating; sty., style; pt., pollen tube; o.w., ovary wall; o. ovule, containing embryo-sac; pet., Motrin For Children petal; sep;, sepal. 1-8, Stages in the devel- opment of the Motrin 600 female gametophyte (embryo-sac); meg.sp., megaspore-mother- cell; i.i., Tylenol Or Motrin inner integument; o.i., outer integument ',f.un., funiculus; chal., chalaza; nu., nucellus (megasporangium) ; emb., embryo-sac. All diagrammatic. (Gager.) (pollen tube). The pollen Motrin Infant tubes, carrying within it two sperm nuclei and a tube nucleus embedded in protoplasm, penetrate through the style canal until they reach the micropyles of various ovules. Each enters and passes through a micropyle, then piercing the nucellus, grows toward the embryo sac. The tip of the tube fuses with the end of the embryo sac and the two sperm nuclei are discharged into the sac. One of these sperm nuclei passes between LIFE HISTORY OF AN ANGIOSPERM 57 the synergids and Motrin Tylenol fuses with the nucleus of the egg to form an oospore. By this time the tube Motrin And Advil nucleus has disintegrated. The oospore by repeated divisions develops into as many as four embryos or young sporophyte plants. Only one of these, however persists. The polar nuclei fuse to form the endosperm nucleus Infant Motrin which soon undergoes rapid division into a large number of nuclei scattered about through the protoplasm of the embryo sac. Later cell walls are laid down and endosperm is formed. The endosperm cells soon become filled with abundant starch which is later to be utilized by the embryo during germination. RIPENING OF THE OVULE TO FORM THE SEED AND OF THE OVARY TO FORM THE FRUIT When the embryo and endosperm are being formed, the ovule enlarges and its integuments become modified to form a hard horny seed coat which encloses the endosperm Motrin Vs Ibuprofen surrounding the Ibuprofen Vs Motrin Motrin Mg embryo. The ovary, containing the ovules, has by this time ripened to form a three-valved loculicidal capsule enclosing the seeds. GERMINATION OF THE SEED AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE MATURE SPOROPHYTE The seeds are fully developed by June or July when the capsule or fruit splits open to discharge them. They fall to the ground and lie dormant until the following spring when they germinate or com- mence to grow. Each seed absorbs water from the ground which stimulates the ferment amylase, contained in the endosperm cells, to break up the insoluble starch into soluble sugar which passes into solution and diffuses into the cells of the embryo, where the proto- plasm changes it into additional protoplasm and so the embryo increases in size, therefore, grows. The pressure of the swollen endosperm Tylenol Motrin and growing embryo becomes so great that the seed coat bursts; the hypocotyl emerges first, dragging the cylindrical cotyle- don out of the seed coat and epicotyl with it. The hypocotyl elon- gates and extends itself into the soil where it develops Advil And Motrin a root near its tip. The tip enlarges through the storage of starch, manufac- tured by the green cotyledon and becomes a bulb. The bulb soon 58 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY develops within it a plumule, the cotyledon withers, and the young plant (seedling) passes the following winter in this condition. During the next spring the plumule develops into a foliage Motrin Advil leaf and
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